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  • MAM - Jamaica in Sweden
    MAM - Jamaica in Sweden
    Thursday • 18:30
    Entry MAD & MUSIK 200 KR. - MUSIK 120 / UNG 50 KR

    I n  A p r i l  M A M  i s

    f r o m  J a m a i c a  a n d  S w e d e n

    The food / from 18.30
    For the MAM-food part, we have created a partnership with a production every month working with the country's food-themed, and conjures up exotic dishes.

    The music / from 20.00 

     On this evening one of the largest names on the Swedish reggae scene Partiet are joining us. Very very few can be compared to Partiet when it comes to mixing music, politics and live shows in innovative and engaging ways. The politics might be red, green and pink, but the music i definitely red, yellow and green.

    It is going to be an amazing reggae evening!

    ...everything else
    Everything else, that will happen on this evening, is a surprise :)
    If you have a good idea for any Jamaican or Swedish  inputs for the program, please feel free to contact us by phone: +45 25 16 00 01 or mail Stine@Klaverfabrikken.dk

    Invite your friends and colleagues with, and make it a tradition.
    You can buy a Food & Music ticket, or just  a music ticket.